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The Divinity of Jesus Christ

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Window at St John's Ashfield, image from Wikimedia
I teach a Sunday School class of young teens ages 12-14.  This week’s lesson was based on the question, “What scriptures would you use to testify of the divinity of Jesus Christ?”  At the beginning of class I made sure my students had a copy of the scriptures, a paper and a pencil.  We spent our time together looking for scriptures about Jesus Christ.  We started with Jesus’ birth.  My young students have heard the Nativity story and knew that it was somewhere in Luke.  They thought there was a Nativity story in all four gospels but after looking found that the birth of Jesus Christ is only recorded in Matthew and Luke.  During the last five minutes of class I asked my students to write a testimony of the divinity of Jesus Christ on paper and hand it in before they left.  They all made an attempt and a few of them gave me permission to post their words on this blog.  I will start with my own testimony and then let you read their testimonies.

Painting by J Kirk Richards, used with permission
I know that Jesus Christ was the Son of God.  He was born miraculously to a virgin mother just as it says in the Bible that when God the Father overshadowed Mary, she conceived.  I believe He is the Only Begotten Son of the Father and an entirely separate deity from God the Father, separate but equal.  I believe Jesus Christ and the Father are one in power, might, dominion, glory and holiness.  In reading about His life, I have figuratively sat in the crowds and been fed by a few fishes and loaves of bread.  I have seen the lame walk and the blind receive sight.  I have watched as He confronts authority and condemns sin.  And after reading about His life, I have seen Him put on trial and crucified.  His brilliance is snuffed out by those who oppose Him, the very beings He created.  I am crushed.  I look at this as the greatest tragedy and yet there is a happy ending in His resurrection and ascension to heaven.  My journey through scripture has not been just dramatic because in the end I find that I have a bit of His light in my heart.  In believing his story, I have encapsulated a love for Him and a testimony of His divinity in my heart.  I join many others who also believe.  He is the light and life of the world.  He is the source of all truth.  He is not only a great deity but my intimate friend.  Let me tell you about my personal relationship with Him.  I have experienced both happiness and great sorrow.  I have relied on His mercy when everything around me made no sense.  I have come to Him with my broken heart and He has been my strength.  He has gently led me as a mother with small children when I could do nothing more than follow.  His words have fed my soul, his teachings have guided my decisions.  These things have protected me.  He has never been far away even when I felt utterly alone.  Jesus Christ is a living part of my daily life.  I believe that He looks down from realms of holiness to shepherd me in loving kindness.  I believe in Him as the Redeemer of my soul.

Jesus cleansing the temple by overturning tables set up for commercial purposes, image used with permission
From my students:

“I have a testimony about Christ and His power.  He was born in humble conditions and died in one of the most painful ways.  I believe that he will come again.”  - Logan, age 13

“I have a testimony that Jesus Christ is our Savior, that he was our Heavenly Father’s Only Begotten Son.  I know that He performed the Atonement which allows us the opportunity to return to our Father in Heaven.  He performed miracles that proved He was the Son of God.  Miracles like healing blind people and allowing the deaf to hear.”  - Peter, age 14

Crucifixion, image used with permission
“I know that the Lord lives and loves me, that Christ is the Son of God, that He came to Earth and performed miracles, and that through the Atonement I can be healed.  Christ paid for my sins.  He is the only one who can.  He knows every pain or sorrow I have ever felt, and knows how to help.  Through Christ I can be healed.”  - Sydney, age 14

“Jesus shows his love by healing the sick and teaches many lessons of the bread and water.  Jesus is our Savior and the Son of God.  Jesus heals a man blind.”  - Brenden, age 12

“I have a testimony of Jesus divinity that he has the power to do many miracles and he did when he lived here on the Earth.  He performed miracles.  He healed the sick and cured the blind, but yea lso has the power of love and He uses that power by blessing us.”  - Megan age 13

Jesus surrounded by children, image used with permission

These words are reprinted with permission.

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