Monday, June 30, 2014

Prioritize Spirituality

In this post - growth - truth - foundation cracks

If you said, “I will not feed myself,” I would say you are crazy unless you are two years old.  If you said, “I will only feed myself,” I would say your life is meaningless.  Survival is the most basic instinct but it is not a reason for living.

The soul needs to be fed just like the body needs to be fed.  

Lets talk about feeding the body and the soul.  The act of feeding consists of collecting something for consumption and when you have collected enough you build on what you have or in other words you grow.  The body collects building blocks from the food you eat for growth, maintenance and repair of your body.  If you stop eating you will eventually run out of building blocks and your body will die.  

When I read scriptures I am collecting truths for spiritual consumption.  I also collect truths from classic books of literature.  Some people like to collect truths by talking to others and gleaning from the conversation.  Once I have enough, I grow.  If I stopped participating in life because I felt like a victim than I might run out of building blocks for spiritual growth.  The soul gets stronger in the “light” and weaker in the “dark.”  So sin which is “dark” stops spiritual growth — probably because it is the opposite of collecting truth.

Cracked Cement courtesy Patricia Beck

As growth happens, imagine a tree.  The top gets heavier and the roots go deeper to hold the weight.  If the truth that I’ve collected is flawed, then my foundation will crack under the weight of the growth I’m doing.  The tricky thing is figuring out exactly which “truth” is flawed and what truer truth needs to replace it.

Deciding not to grow or deciding not to participate in life isn’t really a solution.  It might be an attempt to rest, relax and wait for the weather to change.  Movement away from light even if it is just a choice not to move toward the light is a choice to get weaker.  I don’t want to discourage you but the only good path is onward and upward.

If I prioritize spirituality, I benefit in more concrete ways because the resulting growth opens up new skills and opportunities.  Think - Children of Israel collecting manna.  It was a daily thing.  Feeding the soul is a daily exercise just like feeding the body.

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