Friday, June 6, 2014

It Will All Work Out: Faith is The Opposite of Fear

This is Part 2 in a series on Faith
In this post - Fear of the Unknown - Relying on Heaven - Miraculous ways - Learning from Mistakes

Bad things happen.  We all have trials.  Sometimes we even anticipate anxiously the bad things we will experience in our future.  Fear is something we all experience.  I remember a time when the future seemed to hold no promise and when I thought about it I felt depressed.  I use faith when I trust that things will work out even if I don’t know how.  Faith is trust in a Heavenly Father who is looking to bless us.  

One way that fear grabs us is by presenting the unknowns and letting our imagination do the rest.  To avoid this kind of trip, I try to stay in the present.  The present is where I have choices and can “write the ending” to my story.  The present is the safest place to be mentally.  In Texas we say, "If you want to forget all your troubles, take a little walk in a brand new pair of high-heeled ridin' boots."  If you don't have boots, focus on the patterns of light on the floor, the “white noise” in the background, or go outdoors and listen to nature until you feel calm.  I always feel more calm after reading in the Bible — even if the passages have nothing to do with my fears.

Relying on heaven for guidance, assurance or protection is faith.  I rely on heaven by praying fervently, searching for answers and waiting patiently for a heavenly response.  Like a little seed, I cannot control the sun or the rain.  I must grow upward trusting that God will send the sunshine and the rain that I need.  God doesn’t always stop bad things.  Sometimes He strengthens us to endure them.  Sometimes He protects us in miraculous ways.   

For example:  My daughter wanted to bring her doll to a friends house.  I didn’t stop her from bringing it.  She forgot the doll at her friends house and was crying dejectedly.  I said, “some things we have to learn by experience.”  She wouldn’t believe me that it is unwise to take toys elsewhere (at the age of 5).  Now she knows how easy it is to forget and “lose” them.  Luckily, her friend found the toy and will return it.  Good parents let kids make mistakes and learn from them.  Likewise, God could tell us all the answers but we wouldn’t believe him.  We have to see for ourselves. 

“O Israel thou hast destroyed thyself; but in me is thine help.”  Hosea 13:9

Challenge:  Next time you feel afraid turn to the Bible for peace.  You will feel better.

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