Saturday, February 14, 2015

51 Shades of (Grey) Love

Love is not obsessive sexuality.  Love illuminates life, is vibrant and beautiful — not lifeless and grey.  If you’ve ever felt shut down, you know that love can seem lifeless.  However, the truth is that love is life-giving!

Major holidays like Valentines Day shut down some people.  The fear of failure and rejection just make it impossible to think of any plans that will work.  And the fear that there is no plan to celebrate love can make other people feel unloveable.  Somewhere, away from all the hype and grand expectations is the place where sincere affection is offered and received.  She decides what will make her happy and creates it.  He decides what he likes and offers it.  Together they enjoy what they like and celebrate living love.

So here are 51 shades of Real Love
  1. SERVICE:  a foot massage
  2. WORDS:  a love letter
  3. TIME:  putting aside the never-ending texting to talk
  4. TOUCH:  caress my face
  5. GIFTS:  a box of chocolates
  6. WORDS:  a sincere compliment
  7. TIME:  Walking under the stars
  8. SERVICE:  doing up the dishes and cleaning the kitchen
  9. TOUCH:  soft kisses
  10. GIFTS:  my favorite cologne
  11. SERVICE:  changing a diaper
  12. WORDS:  surprise sticky note on the dash
  13. TIME:  picnic in the park
  14. TOUCH:  respectful sex
  15. GIFTS:  a flower
  16. WORDS:  a poem about whatever
  17. SERVICE:  washing his car
  18. TOUCH:  a hug from behind
  19. TIME:  watching a sunrise
  20. GIFTS:  forgiveness
  21. WORDS:  verbal acceptance
  22. SERVICE:  doing laundry
  23. TOUCH:  sharing a blanket
  24. TIME:  a visit
  25. WORDS:  a handmade card
  26. SERVICE:  pushing the grocery cart for you
  27. TIME:  turning off the tv to look in my eyes
  28. TOUCH:  a little tickle
  29. WORDS:  a serenade
  30. GIFTS:  jewelry
  31. SERVICE:  cooking a great meal
  32. WORDS:  I thank you
  33. TIME:  sitting on the porch swing together
  34. TOUCH:  giving a back rub
  35. GIFTS:  a photograph of us
  36. SERVICE:  I’ll paint your nails
  37. TIME:  nature walk
  38. WORDS:  a phone call
  39. TOUCH:  holding hands
  40. GIFTS: a home movie of us
  41. TIME:  listening
  42. SERVICE:  working in your garden
  43. TOUCH:  feeling your pain and offering comfort
  44. GIFTS:  lingerie
  45. WORDS:  Top 10 things I admire about you
  46. SERVICE:  bringing you breakfast in bed
  47. TIME:  staying up late for your arrival
  48. TOUCH:  holding your heart gently in my hands
  49. GIFTS:  a care package
  50. WORDS:  complimenting your work in public
  51. LOVE: three little words — I love you
A friend of mine wrote a blog post called True Love that I really like.

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image credits:  Paint swatch | Flickr/See-ming Lee, watercolor box | Flickr/Jerine Lay, palette | wikipedia

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Nicely done, thanks for sharing.