Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Spiritual Well of Strength

my 3 y.o.
Choirs of angels sang at our house.  The fact that they sang Darth Vader's March is a little ironic.  The occasion for celebration was that my son, recently turned 3, was moved to big kid status.  Now he gets a gummy vitamin at dinner.  Everyone should be cheered on by loving family members as they move through life from little kid to big kid status.  That this is not a given, is heartbreaking, but not show stopping.

This post is about relying on a well of strength to get through life.  It can be accessed by anyone.  Here's how:

I study my Core Book.  My Core Book is where I find right and wrong and the important truth that I am a Child of God and He is cheering for me.  Your Core Book may be different than mine, but it should have truths that encourage you.

I keep a small book by my bedside labeled Gratitude.  I write down the little miracles that occur everyday in my life.  I believe that if I notice good things, they will keep coming and I will have the eyes to see them.
I think a pocket Hymnal is a well of strength.  Rhyming words set to music can force out the darkest thoughts.  I don't think listening to a CD has the same effect.  It's too easy to tune out.  The words of the hymns have to go through me -- so I learn them, sing them, and internalize their message.

A small mirror with the words "I love myself just the way I am" is the perfect reminder I am beautiful and that that I am loved.  In a world of excessive selfishness, this is not to be flaunted narcissistically. This is something I use in my private moments of desperation.

A prayer for strength.  The words escape me when I'm really struggling.  If I can just read and repeat my prayer request, and maybe fill in the details.

A sense of humor takes the edge off stressful times.  Inner strength is surely the flexibility to see things in more than one way.

writing with tangibles
Like the mirror, a couple of tangibles help me make it through the bad days.  They are Lavender oil, tissues and a letter I've written to myself.  I want to give you some examples of the letters.  These are composed for this post and not the ones I read to myself, but they give the idea.


I believe that survival is a choice.  I can either let the bad times paralyze me or I can pick up my tools and dig myself out.  I know how it feels to be stuck.  I'm here to say that life has a way of coming back around.  I've seen the rain stop and the rainbows appear.  Dream of rainbows.  It's the beautiful dreamers that make beautiful things happen.

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Holly said...

I like your idea of writing notes to yourself. I think journaling is a way to do that also. Sometimes I force myself to reach out when I'm lonely and ask for comfort.