Thursday, June 25, 2015

True and Perfect Worship

"True and perfect worship consists in following in the steps of the Son of God:

Keeping the commandments
Obeying the will of the Father
Emulating the life of the great Exemplar
to Follow
to Seek
to Believe
to Think
to Walk in his paths
to be Baptized
to Preach
to Heal the sick
To put first in our lives the things of his kingdom
to Live by every word that proceedeth forth from His mouth
to Center our whole hearts upon Christ
to Walk in the light
to Do the things he wants done
to Do what he would do under similar circumstances
to Be as He is
to Walk in the Spirit
to Rise above carnal things
to Bridle our passions
to Overcome the world
to Pay tithes and offerings
to Act as wise stewards
to Use our talents and means for spreading truth
to Build up the kingdom
to be Married
to Have children
to Teach them the gospel
to Perfect the family unit
to Honor our father and mother
to Love our spouse and none else
to Visit the fatherless & widows
to Keep ourselves unspotted from the world
to Work on welfare projects
to Administer to the sick
to Go on a mission
to Study the gospel
to Treasure up light and truth
to Ponder in our hearts
to Make them part of our lives
to Pray with all the energy of our souls
to Preach by the power of the spirit
to Sing praises
to Be actively engaged in good causes
to Be about our Father's business
to Love and serve our fellowmen
to Feed the hungry
to Clothe the naked
to Comfort those that mourn
to Hold up the hands that hang down
to Strengthen the feeble knees
to Stand valiantly in the cause of truth
to Influence for good in civic, cultural, educational and governmental fields
to Support laws and principles which further the Lord's interests
to Be of good cheer
to Be courageous
to Be valiant
to Keep the faith

"It is ten thousand times ten thousand things.  It is keeping the commandments of God.  It is living the whole law of the whole gospel."

- Bruce R McConkie
Source: How to Worship
Image credit Flickr/ jubileelewis

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