Saturday, October 31, 2015

War in the Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is a scriptural record from a civilization with Jewish roots.  The book contains a narrative of the prophets and post-mortal visit of Jesus Christ to the people in the Americas somewhere.  It is also a story with symbolic merit regarding the second coming of Jesus Christ in that the sequence of events in the narrative supposedly mirror the sequence as it will occur in the last days.  In this way, the record is instructive in preparing for the second coming.

With that in mind, I looked at the sequence of battles where Captain Moroni, a heroic Nephite leader, successfully beats back a Lamanite invasion to see if there is any similarity between this war and World War II.  It is my hypothesis that there is a loose similarity which would support the idea that the whole book mirrors end times.

I can tell you for sure that there is not a Book of Mormon warrior that I would equate with Hitler although there is a similar use of flattery to gain political power. (Alma 46:3-7)

However, the similarities I found are interesting.
  1. There is a major exodus of Lamanites out of their homeland into Nephite-occupied territory before the conflict (Alma 27:14-15).  The similarity is that roughly half a million people left their homeland and fled to other countries in Europe and America because of conflict surrounding Nazi domination.  Source
  2. Massive defenses are constructed by Captain Moroni. (Alma 50:1-6)  During the 1930’s the French constructed the Maginot line.  (Source)  In 1942, Hitler started building the Atlantic Wall.  (Source)
  3. The citizens desire to change their form of government.  Nephites government has consisted of a secular rule by judges combined with a religious rule by a prophet.  The citizens want a king to supersede both. (Alma 51:5)  The similarity is that throughout Europe there was a collective interest in changing governments.  With capitalism in the middle, some advocated the political far right like Hitler, while others advocated the political far left like Stalin. (Source)
  4. The Nephite armies with Captain Moroni at the helm are faced with a two-front war. One Lamanite military general Jacob was unconquerable.  (Alma 43-62, 52:22, 33)  World War II was fought on two fronts, the European front and the Asia/Pacific front. The Japanese Kamikazi fighters were unconquerable.
  5. Young men turn the tide for the exhausted Nephite army. (Alma 56:5-7)  Young untrained men fly planes for the British Air Force and turn the tide against advancing German forces which makes it possible for US forces to land on British soil before invading France. (Source)
The Book of Mormon is a significant body of the prophetic words and counsel of God, the Father, to the whole world.  I believe it.  I see both practical truths for daily living and global truths pertaining to the Kingdom of God on Earth.  My testimony started when I asked God if this book is true.  It has continued to grow and develop as I search and discover the significance of each holy prophet in ancient and modern times.  Here is a second witness that the Book of Mormon is true.

Image credit:  2000 Stripling Warriors, painting by Arnold Friberg, used with permission

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