Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Finding My Unique Contribution

Aerial View of the Amazon Rainforest, Photo by Neil Palmer

I think everyone has a mission but only happy people are living their mission.  A mission is a purpose to life’s tasks that is uniquely mine and gives me satisfaction.  It can be as small as a garden or as large as saving the rainforest but it has to serve humanity.  There is no mission that serves the self.  I can have different missions at different phases of my life and all of my missions are part of God’s mission.

Here are some basic kinds of missions:
  1. feed the hungry
  2. clothe the naked
  3. heal the sick
  4. liberate the captive
  5. comfort the lonely
  6. preach the truth
  7. spread beauty
  8. educate the ignorant

I personally am passionate about education and spirituality.  I spend most of my free time in one of these two pursuits.  Both of these have a component that serves myself but I like to share what truths I’ve gathered with others.  The mission I’m living right now has to do with feeding hungry children and nurturing their hearts.  So these eight basic missions can be combined or divided to describe what my unique contribution is in life.

I think that we can allow things to stop us from living our mission.  They might be:
  1. A victim mentality - that my injuries have taken away my opportunity to serve others and be happy
  2. I’m waiting for someone to tell me what to do - that I can’t choose my own mission or recognize what gives me satisfaction in life
  3. Shame - that I’m not worthy to have a mission because of my past

When we are finally living our mission it is like we are finally living our dream.  Not in our imagination but in reality.  Every day is energizing - physically and mentally.   We find that we are able to give more because we want to give not because we’re paid to give.  Steven Covey talks about how the right mission can energize a company.  It can also breathe new life into our families and our personal lives.

My sister wrote about missions on her blog.  I wrote this post before I read her post so you might enjoy seeing our two unique takes on the subject.

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