Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Faith Workout

In this post:  working body, mind and soul and faith, hope, love and gratitude

We all know we should exercise our bodies.  Some of us have accounts on Lumosity to exercise our minds.  But what about our souls?  Shouldn’t we be doing some kind of faith workout to keep our souls vibrant and alive?  Just like a muscle, the soul will atrophy if ignored.  I have seen significant spiritual degeneration in people who neglect their soul’s health.

Female sailors workout aboard the USS Green Bay - Image Courtesy US Navy

So here’s a workout of sorts that takes less than 30 minutes.  

  • 3 minutes - Start the flow of spiritual thoughts and questions by praying
  • 2 minutes - Focus on the path of life by reading a Psalm like 16:11 or 17:5 or 18:32
  • 5 minutes - Imagine the faith needed to move forward
  • 10 minutes - Read and study Jesus’ teachings
  • 5 minutes - Put hope in a better tomorrow and thank God for all that you have right now
  • 2 minutes - Imagine love for family, friends, neighbors and then enemies
  • 1 minute - Pray for guidance to make it through today

To read more on imagining love for others check out the book Love 2.0 which talks about that type of meditation in detail.

I think a serious study of the Bible is the task of a lifetime.  I like to spend my study time taking notes, underlining themes that seem to run throughout a chapter or book, and connecting ideas in one part of the Bible with similar ideas elsewhere.  After all these years, I am still discovering new meaning and depth in that beautiful book.

Faith, hope, love, gratitude and prayer are all aspects of spirituality that can be strengthened daily.  So set aside some time, banish distractions, and burn off some of those extra calories in a new kind of workout!

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