Saturday, March 18, 2017

Day 2: Purpose in Life

This is Day 2 in a challenging new series of posts. Each post will focus on a way to increase spirituality, focus or efficiency in dealing with life. Each post will provide a speech or essay to read, a 5 question quiz and a personal challenge statement or goal. The hope is that through self-directed learning and some coaching from me, you will grow in refreshing new ways.

While the beginning of spirituality is in understanding one's true identity. The next crucial step is to know of a purpose to life and to believe it is greater than just survival of the fittest. God has shared with prophets the purpose of life. It is bigger than love, the greatest virtue. It spans an eternity of time and potential. God's purpose is to give humans immortality and eternal life.  He takes each little human heart and change it so that it has the capacity to love in God's way. Then he makes it unbreakable (immortality) and able to love for eternity.

1. Read the speech
Always in the Middle

2. Take the 5-question quiz

3. Personal Challenge Statement
Think about what gives your life meaning. Try to encapsulate that idea in a personal mission statement.

4. Set a goal to do something related to your personal mission statement in the next week. I'd love to hear about your goal. Post your progress in the comments.

5. Dig deeper into other blog posts on this topic:
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