Monday, March 20, 2017

Day 4: Safe Harbor

This is Day 4 of a challenging new series of posts. Each post will focus on a way to increase spirituality, focus or efficiency in dealing with life. Each post will provide a speech or essay to read, a 5 question quiz and a personal challenge statement or goal. The hope is that through self-directed learning and some coaching from me, you will grow in refreshing new ways.

The storms of life are strong and often leave me feeling vulnerable. I haven't capsized yet, but I surely have felt on the brink of failure and at the end of my resolve. Sometimes I feel so discouraged that I wonder if God cares. This speech is for all of us who feel overwhelmed by life. It explains why God allows us to suffer. It asserts that we are stronger than we think. I believe that we must know and be able to trust in God and others who form a support network in order to survive and thrive. No one is strong enough by themselves, but together we can be courageous.

1. Read the speech


2. Take the 5-question quiz


3. Personal Challenge Statement: I trust in my support network to come to my aid if ever I reach the limit of my ability.

4. Goal: Pick a personal struggle and list three strengths you have that can be applied to it. Use ingenuity and describe three outside resources who might have tools or expertise who you could ask for help in dealing with your struggle. Write out a specific prayer request by which your faith can be activated in addressing this issue.

5. Dig deeper into other post on this topic.

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