Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Day 9: Jesus the Perfect Mentor

This is Day 9 in a challenging new series of posts. Each post will focus on a way to increase spirituality, focus or efficiency in dealing with life. Each post will provide a speech or essay to read, a 5 question quiz and a personal challenge statement or goal. The hope is that through self-directed learning and some coaching from me, you will grow in refreshing new ways.

Life has a purpose. That purpose determines the scope of our individual lives and the fate of nations. Making choices and learning the consequences is part of our experience here. Accepting Christ is one of the choices we have. This speech is about a few aspects of Jesus Christ's life and how he mentors us in our life individually. If you've never heard Neal A Maxwell, now deceased, he was a pleasure to listen to and his ideas were very profound. 

1. Read the Speech:


2. Take the Quiz


3. Personal Challenge Statement: I am grateful for Jesus Christ's mentorship.

4. Goal: Even though I may not see the marvelous pattern and divine design in my life, I will have faith in the Lord's timetable.

5. Dig Deeper:
"When God Seems Distant"
"Who's Got the Reins?"
"One Fold, One Shepherd"

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