Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Day 6: The Transforming Power of Faith

This is Day 6 of a challenging new series of posts. Each post will focus on a way to increase spirituality, focus or efficiency in dealing with life. Each post will provide a speech or essay to read, a 5 question quiz and a personal challenge statement or goal. The hope is that through self-directed learning and some coaching from me, you will grow in refreshing new ways.

This series of posts began with the immense value of the soul because that is a great place to begin. With a divine identity of inestimable worth, we begin to understand why God made a Plan of Happiness by which all his children come to Earth, learn and grow, and then return and report. Life is full of choices and challenges. We've talked about staying balance and now we're going to talk about the faith to set out and achieve success. Faith is a principle of action and when applied to true principles it adds strength to our character. A crisis is a defining moment. A person with faith and integrity is much more likely to succeed without becoming fearful and defensive. This speech is called The Transforming Power of Faith and Character by Richard G Scott.

1. Read the Speech (this speech is available in other languages by clicking on the link and then looking at the icon in the upper right corner which says "worldwide")


2. Take the Quiz


3. Personal Challenge Statement: I am working on becoming a person of integrity by choosing to apply true principles in daily life.

4. Goal: I will make a plan to practice faith on a daily basis.

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